New England Wetmix (Wetland Seed Mix)

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Fox Sedge (Carex vulpinoidea), Lurid Sedge (Carex lurida), Blunt Broom Sedge (Carex scoparia), Blue Vervain (Verbena hastata), Fowl Bluegrass (Poa palustris), Hop Sedge (Carex lupulina), Green Bulrush (Scirpus atrovirens), Creeping Spike Rush (Eleocharis palustris), Fringed Sedge (Carex crinita), Soft Rush (Juncus effusus), Spotted Joe Pye Weed (Eupatorium maculatum), Rattlesnake Grass (Glyceria canadensis), Swamp aster (Aster puniceus), Blueflag (Iris versicolor), Swamp Milkweed (Asclepias incarnata), Square stemmed Monkey Flower (Mimulus ringens).

Minimum Order:

1 lbs

Application Rate:

1 lb./2500 sq. ft. | 18 lbs./acre

Spec Sheet:


The New England Wetmix (Wetland Seed Mix) contains a wide variety of native seeds that are suitable for most wetland restoration sites that are not permanently flooded. All species are best suited to moist ground as found in most wet meadows, scrub shrub, or forested wetland restoration areas. The mix is well suited for detention basin borders and the bottom of detention basins not generally under standing water. The seeds will not germinate under inundated conditions. If planted during the fall months, the seed mix will germinate the following spring. During the first season of growth, several species will produce seeds while other species will produce seeds after the second growing season. Not all species will grow in all wetland situations. This mix is comprised of the wetland species most likely to grow in created/restored wetlands and should produce more than 75% ground cover in two full growing seasons.

The wetland seeds in this mix can be sown by hand, with a hand held spreader, or hydro-seeded on large or hard to reach sites. Lightly rake to insure good seed to soil contact. Seeding can take place on frozen soil, as the freezing and thawing weather of late fall and late winter will work the seed into the soil. If spring conditions are drier than usual watering may be required. If sowing during the summer months supplemental watering will likely be required until germination. A light mulch of clean, weed free straw is recommended.

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