About New England Wetland Plants

Our Story

New England Wetland Plants, Inc. is a wholesale nursery that has been growing plants for wetland remediation and reforestation in the northeastern states for over 25 years.  We currently propagate and grow over 200 different species of native trees, shrubs, grasses and forbs at our nursery in South Hadley, MA. Our plants are grown for a wide range of habitats from emergent wetland to drier uplands. We grow only straight species, no nativars or cultivars. Over 95% of the plants grown in our farm/nursery are grown from locally (ie: New England) collected seed. We also sell a wide range of proprietary seed mixes for pollinator meadows, wetlands, detention basins, fields, and other upland locations. The seed for our mixes are sourced nationally, although principally from the northeast. Additionally, we supply numerous erosion control products, such as coir logs and coir mats, as well as straw and coir blankets.

We do not engage in any commercial plant installations or create any project designs as we intentionally choose not to compete with our customers.

These include ecological contractors, landscape contractors, excavation contractors, building contractors, engineering firms, wetland and soil scientists, municipal and federal agencies, and commercial nurseries. We are especially thankful for the loyal support of all of our customers and we look forward to continuing to build these relationships in the future.

New England Wetland Plants, Inc., is managed by David and Graham Anderson, as well as our creative, hard-working and dependable crew.